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Fitness has always been a driving force in Jon Spillman's life. Growing up, he was deeply involved in multiple sports, eventually earning a spot as a Division I scholarship collegiate athlete. More recently, as part of his personal passion for exercise and fitness, Jon became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

In 2018, he happened upon a video of Floyd Mayweather performing a pre-match workout chopping wood. Jon loved the idea and challenge of the movements involved in that type of workout, but living in a condo in the city didn't afford him easy access to the proper environment needed for real woodchopping. 

That was the inspiration for ChopFit—taking the foundational elements of woodchopping exercises and building a product (the Chopper) and program that anyone could do regardless of location.

Built for everyone

The Chopper was specifically designed to fit seamlessly in anyone’s workout plan, helping you achieve a range of health and fitness goals. If you want to create or sustain a strong fitness foundation, it’s the perfect portable tool to bring to the gym, your outdoor workout, or use in your home.

ChopFit Choppers

Beginning a fitness journey.

Every great fitness routine begins with a small step. It’s vital to lay down the foundation with bodyweight workouts and proper form before you add in cardio movements, additional weight, or new exercises. ChopFit’s app and Chopper fitness equipment work in tandem to help you kick off your exercise journey—whatever that looks like for you—in an interactive, approachable way.

Creating or maintaining endurance.

Building endurance is an important factor to anybody’s fitness experience. Not only does it help athletes sustain during workouts and achieve optimal results, it also helps them recover quicker and prevent injury.

Building strength.

Cardio is great for burning fat and getting your heart rate up, but adding a strength component to your fitness plan ensures that you’re also building, lengthening, and toning muscles. With a workload up to 16 pounds using the standard Chopper and 32 pounds with the Chopper Pro, you can easily add weight into any workout and ensure that you’re getting the complementary strength training you need to achieve your goals.

Elevating existing workouts.

If nothing else, exercising should leave you feeling accomplished. There’s nothing worse than feeling bored or uninspired by a workout routine. This is one of the main reasons that the ChopFit experience was created: we wanted to help you elevate your fitness routine by making workouts fun and accessible, no matter where you are.

Our certified trainers provide full-body workouts as well as singular exercises you can perform to get familiar with your Chopper or add into your existing workout plan for an additional burn. Both our workouts and exercises are available on our free fitness app, available for both iOS and Android devices.

Motivated by community

Community drives everything we do. It’s everything we stand for. We strive to make a difference through direct initiaves and alongside the many ambassadors, athletes and customers that support our brand.

"After one workout, I was obsessed. ChopFit allows me to get really good upper body, lower body, and core work in, all at the same time.” - Cari Roccaro, NWSL

Planting trees.

For every Chopper sold, we plant a tree. We've partnered with an incredible organization called One Tree Planted to help carry out this initiative. Outdoor workouts are an integral part of our communal experience, and we want to continue creating habitats biodiversity, building jobs, and providing clean water and air.

Spreading our mission.

Our ambassador program includes not only elite fitness professionals, but also everyday customers who love our brand. We also work with individuals to sponsor incredible feats of athletic determination and give back to charitable organizations that help those around them.

Supporting elite athletes.

Professional athletes use our Choppers to complement their training in times of peak performance and during off-season workouts. From Udonis Haslem—3x NBA Champion of the Miami Heat, to Rob Pannell—one of the most prominent professional lacrosse players, and Cari Roccaro—a standout defender in the NWSL, we work with a number of professional athletes across the NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC and many other sports.

Welcome to the Block

This is just the beginning. The Block is our new blog and a way for us to connect with our community. You can expect to see workout inspiration, healthy eating and wellness habits, and bios on some of the incredible athletes and fitness folks we work with on a daily basis. As always, follow us on InstagramTwitter or Facebook for the latest from ChopFit.

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