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Benefits of Chopping

Chopping patterns have been a staple in physical training for centuries. The exercise’s ability to build powerful core strength and rev up the metabolism, while mirroring patterns that are found in everyday lift and practically every sport, make it a go to exercise for personal trainers, coaches and athletes. Chopping patterns can be total body exercises especially when adding dynamic movement, firing muscles like the lats, external and internal obliques, rectus abdominis, tensor fasciae latae, psoas, hamstrings, and adductors just to name a few.

The ChopFit Chopper

Traditionally medicine balls, cables, bands, and dumbbells have been the primary tools used to for multi-directional chopping patterns. The ChopFit Chopper® is designed with a patented asymmetric weight distribution that allows you to overload these athletic patterns with an emphasis on deceleration and change of direction. The Chopper comes in two weight options: the standard Chopper and the Chopper Pro. With each version, the load range varies based on where the user is holding the handle.

Variable Workload

Based on Grip
One Hand Grips
Grip 1
Grip 2
Grip 3
Two Hand Grips
Grip 1-3
Grip 2-3
Grip 3-3
Load Variations



ISO: Learn the fundamental pattern and find your pain free range of motion. Maintain a braced core and allow your arms to move around you fixed base placing a greater emphasis on anti-rotation.

ISO-DYNAMIC: Add movement to the chops including a step, pivot, squat, or rotation.

DYNAMIC: Add dynamic movement or locomotion to the chop including a shuffle, jump, hop or added rotation.

Example Progression


Target Training

ChopFit training goals primarily focus on the physical skills of Stability, Strength and Power. Our programming emphasizes balance, coordination, endurance, stamina, speed and agility through a unique Target Training modality.

Example Workout

Goal: Power

Reps: 8 Target / 12 Chop Chasers (each side)

# of Choppers: One

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