Chop. Sweat. Repeat.

We’ve transformed total body workouts to strengthen your most important muscles.

"The ultimate in fitness training"

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"Will get your heart rate flying"

"An incredibly versatile fitness tool"

The Method
Dynamic Overload Training

Chopping exercises are a staple of the most effective physical training programs. Traditionally, medicine balls, cables, bands, and dumbbells have been the primary tools used for multi-directional chopping movements. Our Chopper® fitness tool is designed with a patented asymmetric weight distribution that allows you to uniquely overload chopping patterns with dynamic movements, strengthening crucial, yet often ignored muscle groups.

Results that Matter
Improve Endurance

Fast-paced circuits keep you in constant motion, working your upper and lower body muscles at the same time. ChopFit helps improve your core stability with rotational motion that allows you to push your body harder than ever.

Build Strength

Innovative fitness equipment enables weight loads that engage both of your stabilizer muscles and power centers. ChopFit workouts build grip and core strength, increase rotational power and train your muscles to work together.

Increase Mobility

Fluid exercise motions that are non-weight bearing means they don't adversely affect your joints. ChopFit movements can increase shoulder mobility and flexibility, while enhancing full-body coordination, balance and posture.

"ChopFit has been a great way to boost my offseason workouts."

Matt Judon | NFL Pro Bowler
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"ChopFit is an amazing way to combine cardio and strength training."

Udonis Haslem | 3x NBA Champion

"ChopFit makes me actually look forward to exercising"

Christina B.
Chop for Good

We’ve partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every Chopper sold. Trees clean our air and water, create habitats for biodiversity, contribute to our health and well-being, and create jobs for social impact. #chopforgood