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To get started with ChopFit, download the mobile app or follow the online Start Guide below.

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Start Guide

Here you'll find everything you need to get started with ChopFit. Begin with the instructional videos, then explore the exercises and jump into your first workout.


Get acquainted with the fundamentals of ChopFit, along with learning proper technique for using the Chopper.


Understand the safety measures and precautions to take when using the Chopper during exercises and workouts.


Holds are where your hands are placed on the Chopper handle and varies how heavy or light it feels. You can customize Holds to your preference for each exercise and workout.


Grips are the order in which your hands are placed on the Chopper handle (top and bottom). During workouts, you should alternate Grips for each circuit round.


The Chopper Strap, which is optional to use, provides added grip support. It’s important that the Chopper Strap is installed and worn properly when in use.


Take your exercises to a new level with dynamic cardio and strength movements—all performed with the multi-functional Chopper.


Get moving with high-intensity circuits and the perfect balance of cardio and strength—all in less than 20 minutes.


Put your workouts on autopilot with multi-day challenges that include a variety of circuits and difficulty levels.