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Buy a Chopper and We'll give $30 to your local gym

The world is anything but normal right now. While we offer a product and program that can be used for at-home workouts, we are very cognizant of the impact that social distancing is having on gyms, fitness centers, studios and any other place you may normally exercise. Our hope is that these venues can survive this time and continue to provide services on the other side.

How it works
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Buy a Chopper between March 16, 2020 and April 30, 2020.

Tell us your gym

Reply to your order confirmation email with the name of a local gym, fitness center or other similar business that you would like us to send $30 USD.

We'll send them $30

We'll coordinate with the business (and you) to make sure the funds are sent to the right place in the best manner possible.

Support your gym


We will make our best effort to provide your requested business the $30 USD in whatever manner makes the most sense for that business. We cannot guarantee they will accept any funds however, and we can work with you on backup options if needed. Your requested business will be informed that the funds are a result of your purchase, and we will provide you confirmation when they are sent to the business. If you decide to return your Chopper for a refund (per our normal return policy), we will only be able to refund the purchase amount less any funds that have already been sent to a business on your behalf.