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The great thing about having so many different options when it comes to workouts is that there is no one solution. There are so many workout programs and routines available today that it may be challenging to find the best one for you. What works for you may not work for everyone, and what interests you may seem unappealing to someone else. 

Before YouTube and phone apps, if you wanted to follow a particular workout program, you had to buy the series on DVD or VHS or borrow it from someone who had it (Tae Bo, anyone?). Owning the DVDs made it easier for people to stick to one program but made it more difficult (and expensive) to explore other workout programs that might be better for you. 

Nowadays, there are millions of YouTube workout videos and thousands of options for free and paid workout programs through app stores. They vary in style, difficulty, and fitness level. Some require equipment, while others are workouts that you can do from anywhere. You most likely have heard of some of the more popular or mainstream fitness programs, including Peloton Digital, Insanity, Alo, P90x, ChopFit, Slay, and Focus T25 Total Body Circuit. Each app or program has its own way of sharing workouts to use in the gym or at home. 

Peloton app total body workouts and programs.

Popular Full-Body Workouts & Programs

Full-body workouts allow you to work out your entire body through specific movements and exercises, all at once. They are an excellent option for people who may not want to spend particular days working on an isolated group of muscles. Generally speaking, full-body workouts aim to build strength and endurance while providing cardiovascular benefits like weight loss. 

Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular programs:


The Peloton app is a program and brand that consists of digital workout classes and full-body workouts that you can do from anywhere. A Peloton membership comes with various classes (walking, yoga, barre, boxing, stretching, and of course cycling) that are available to monthly subscribers who pay for the service. It is not so much a specific routine or program as it is a platform with tons of options, but it has become a popular fitness app.


If you don’t remember the infomercials for the Insanity workouts, then you may have heard people raving about their results from the popular workout. One of the main reasons why the workout became so popular is because it was an advanced at-home workout that required zero equipment. The full-body workout combined strength and bodyweight training with HIIT for intense workouts. 


Chopping exercises are a staple of the most effective physical training programs, and we don’t mean to toot our own horn, but the ChopFit app has great full-body workouts. With the Chopper and ChopFit app, full-body workouts are more accessible and more effective than ever. With the app, you will have access to interactive workouts with pre-built circuits and multiple variations that you can do anywhere. 

Focus T25 Total Body Circuit

The Focus T25 Total Body Circuit is from the same company that produced Insanity and P90X. T25 is very similar to both of its predecessors, but it is targeted toward people who don’t have enough time to do hour-long workouts. It focuses on HIIT workouts and has different phases based on skill or fitness level. The Focus T25 Total Body Circuit has ten other workouts that are 25 minutes each (it’s where the 25 in T25 comes from). 

Which One is Right For You?

At the end of the day, the workout program or app you choose should be something you can stick with. Setting expectations through practical use of these programs will help you to stay on track…because you don’t want to choose a HIIT program if you hate cardio or high-intensity workouts. It would be best if you also considered your health and limitations, which is why you should talk to your doctor before starting any exercise routine. 

When it comes to full-body workouts and circuits (chopping exercises, exercise bikes, or the T25 total body circuit), you should choose the one that makes the most sense for you.

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