"ChopFit is the most fun I've ever had working out."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Kelsey C.
Darryl K.

"I can do so much with my Choppers. It's easy to switch from traditional high intensity exercises to implementing rotational movements. They give me so many different ways to be creative with workouts."

Brittany W.

"I was getting bored with my typical workouts and this was the perfect add on. The app is super helpful and useful. Honestly, surprised with this product."

John G.

"ChopFit is a game changer for life on the road! I’ve lost 15 pounds and my balance and core strength has never been better thanks to 30 minutes a day with my Choppers."

Anke D.

"I truly love this product! It makes exercising fun again, and I can easily choose the difficulty and the heaviness of each exercise."

Anthony B.

"I use ChopFit in all aspects of my training for personal and client use. I enjoy how I can mix up the workouts for clients and use it for stability and core training."

"Absolutely love the product! Brought my two Choppers on family vacation and my family members have been taking turns doing the workouts with me. Portable, fun, and great gym-less workout!"

Anthony L.

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