Functional Fitness Equipment
Meet the Chopper

The first and only functional training axe. A versatile fitness tool for strength, conditioning, recovery and rehab. Built for all fitness levels. Designed for individual or group training.

Small Group Training

For Functional Training Centers

Choppers are an ideal fitness tool to power one-on-one coaching sessions, small group training or standalone activations for functional training. With a compact and durable design, Choppers can be stored efficiently for in-facility instruction or easily adapted to working with clients for virtual training.

For Studios and Group Fitness

Using Choppers for group fitness classes offers your members a truly unique experience. Whether our Choppers are the star of the show or a compliment to other pieces of equipment, we can provide you with the programming and support needed to make your ChopFit classes a success.

For CrossFit Gyms and Bootcamps

Choppers are built with superior quality materials, made to withstand the toughest workouts over the long haul. The versatility and ease of use make Choppers one of the best tools for CrossFit® WODs, bootcamp stations, HIIT training and more.

For Recovery and Physical Therapy Clinics

Built to engage both of your stabilizer muscles and power centers, our Choppers target important and often overlooked muscle groups for functional strength and recovery. From core strength and rotational power to stabilization and coordination, the Chopper fitness tool is a must for any physical therapy clinic.

Other Commercial Solutions
Military Units and First Responders
Athletic Programs and Training Centers
Hospitality and Corporate Facilities

Gym Packs

Custom Solutions

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