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Golf Game

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Power Production

Improve coordination and balance while integrating the lower body with the core to enhance rotational power production.

Total Body Endurance

Strengthen your the shoulder complex while building endurance and conditioning in your legs, torso and arms.

Clubhead Control

Build forearm strength to better control your swing plane and clubhead movement while mitigating potential elbow and wrist injuries.

The Ideal Golf Training Tool

The Chopper® is designed with a patented asymmetric weight distribution that safely increases range of motion while improving dynamic flexibility, balance and power.

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"My swing feels stronger and more powerful than ever before."

- Matt M.

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Move Beyond Your Swing
Posture Scaption

Improve postural endurance while strengthening the shoulder complex.

Lunges with Chops

Integrate the lower body with the torso and arms to enhance power production.

Lateral Chops

Build rotational core power by targeting the hips, torso, and arms.