The Program

An evolution in functional fitness

ChopFit is the first fitness program to use chopping motions as the foundation for a full-body cardio and strength workout, anywhere you go. It's functional fitness reimagined—and reignited.

Build strength by working more muscles together

The Chopper’s weight distribution enables loads that engage both of your stabilizer muscles and power centers. ChopFit workouts build grip strength, increase rotational power and train your muscles to work together—preparing you for all of life's adventures.

Improve endurance with high-intensity training

ChopFit takes endurance training to the next level with fast-paced circuits—working your upper and lower body muscles at the same time. Plus, improving your core stability with rotational motion allows you to push your body harder than ever.


ChopFit's fluid exercise motions are non-weight bearing, which means they don't adversely affect your joints. With trainer-designed chopping movements, you can increase shoulder mobility and flexibility, while enhancing full-body coordination, balance and posture.

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