HIIT Workouts Can Keep You Looking Young

HIIT Workouts Can Keep You Looking Young

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No, it's not just your imagination. New research explains why it's more difficult to lose fat as you age.

Does it seem to get harder and harder to lose fat as the years go by? You’re not crazy. Because even if you eat the same and exercise as diligently as you did in previous years, recent research published in Nature Medicine has uncovered that lipid turnover (the rate at which fat in your cells is removed and/or stored) in fat tissues decreases as you age, making it easier to gain weight and increase body-fat percentage.

HIIT or metcon-style workouts increase the release of "anti-aging" compounds such as growth hormone.

Prevent that belly pooch by increasing your exercise frequency or duration, or trade a few of your less-intense workouts for high-intensity interval training or metcon-style sessions, which have been shown to increase the release of “anti-aging" compounds such as growth hormone.

Written by Lara McGlashan for Oxygen Magazine and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@getmatcha.com.